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What is a Bone Fracture?

Fracture is a condition when the continuity of a bone is broken. The most common reason behind fracture is high Stress or impact of force on a bone. However, fractures can also develop from certain medical conditions which weaken the bones, like osteoporosis, brittle bone disease and also cancer. Fractures caused due to medical conditions are also known as pathological fractures. Fractures are different types like avulsion, hairline and comminuted fractures. Most of the human bones are strong and can withstand strong force or impacts. But, when that force becomes too much powerful, a fracture is caused.

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Symptoms of fracture:

The general symptoms of a fracture vary depending on the bone which is affected, the age of the patient and also the general health. However, the common symptoms include:

  • Swelling up of the affected area
  • Pain the swollen area.
  • Bruising
  • Discolouring of the skin around the area which is affected.
  • Angulation of the affected area.
  • Unable to move the affected area.
  • In case of open fracture, there might also be bleeding.
  • Unable to put weight on the affected area.
  • Grating sensation of the affected joint or bone

It is always recommended not to move a person who is having a fracture until a medical professional arrives at the spot. However, in case of emergency, the patient needs to be moved to a calm and quiet place.

Causes of fractures:

In most of the cases, fractures are caused due to an accidental fall or an automobile accident. Also, with the growing age, people become more prone to weaker bones and also develop the greater risk of falling down. Children who are indulged in physical activities more than adults are also prone to fractures.

Prevention of fractures:

  • Physical activity: Exercises help to make the bones more denser and stronger, especially weight-bearing exercises. Skipping, running, dancing and even walking can help to prevent fractures. It is not always that only the older people have weaker bones, people who are indulged in less physical activities are also prone to fractures.
  • Sunlight and nutrition: Foods like milk, cheese, dark green leafy vegetables and yogurt are good sources of calcium which is very essential to keep bones healthy and strong. Also, vitamin D which can be received from sunlight as well as from eggs, also help in keeping the bones strong.
  • Prevent smoking and drinking alcohol: Smoking and drinking alcohol makes the bones weaker as they prevent the proper flow of blood to the bones.

Treatment of fractures with PRP:

In most of the cases when a bone gets fractured, the broken bone is aligned properly and kept immobile which helps the bones to get joined together as one. Also, sometimes surgery is performed when the case is more complicated. Today, PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is extensively used to treat fractures, as PRP as the ability to induce faster growth of the tissues and therefore helps in quicker recovery from fractures. Dr Vineeth MB, Orthopedic Doctor in Ernakulam provides Bone Fracture PRP Treatment in Kochi. Osteoporosis Therapy, brittle bone disease treatment Kerala, India



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