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Osteochondritis and Bone WeaknessTreatment 

One of the major and common types of problem that are occurring in man nowadays is that of bones. The bones in our body are getting weakened due to various reason, be it good or lifestyle or environment or work. Certain factors are always present in everyone’s life which is causing the weakening of one’s bones. Such a problem is known as Osteochondritis. This is one of the most common problems to have gripped the lives of people, be it kids, adolescents or adults. People of every age group are getting affected with Osteochondritis.

What is osteochondritis?

Osteochondritis is the problem of bones that occurs in people of almost every age group. In this problem, the bones and the cartilages that are present in the joint areas of our legs or ankles get swollen up and cause tremendous Joint Pain. Basically the blood supply from our body to these regions gets affected somehow due to various other health hazards and as a result, these bones and cartilage do not get sufficient amount of blood required for their remaining healthy. As a result, they get swollen up and with time become loose. It might also happen that with time these bones or cartilage may even fall off and get trapped in the joint areas. This causes an extremely painful situation in a person where the patient might have to operate as movement otherwise might get totally disturbed.

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Symptoms of Osteochondritis:

Osteochondritis like any other problem comes with its own symptoms so that patient should take prior notice and immediate action. The symptoms of osteochondritis are

  • The strength of our joints will be greatly decreased.
  • Muscles will start aching with pain in the bones followed by cramps.
  • The patient will feel stiffness in the affected area after a period of prolonged sitting or resting.
  • General balance of the body will be disturbed and intense pain will be felt after tedious physical activity.
  • It can also happen that a certain kind of fluid might get accumulated in the joint areas which will increase the pain.

Causes of osteochondritis

Osteochondritis can be caused due to various factors, some known and common where as others quite complex and yet unknown.

  • Heredity- One's genes can be a cause of this particular disease. It might be seen that osteochondritis is occurring in people of the same family in members of consecutive generations. In that case, the factor causing it has to be present in the genes of that family and can affect adults as well as young kids.
  • Sports- This can also be a reason as there are certain kinds of sports which when played in excess causes osteochondritis to increase.
  • Stress Fractures- Intense stress and tension increases the possibility of Osteochondritis in a person

Diagnosis for osteochondritis:

The above mentioned causes and symptoms should primarily be kept in mind by everyone and should be treated immediately if and when they occur. It is advisable to immediately see an Orthopaedic Surgeon for further assistance. The doctor after prescribing medicines if needed will generally ask the patient to do few tests like an x-ray, or scan of the bones of the affected area or maybe even an MRI according to the intensity of the problem. Further treatment will be decided henceforth.

Treatment of osteochondritis:

Treatment might vary in patients according to the cause of the problem. If sports or intense physical activity is the cause then the doctor might prescribe proper rest for few days or months. In some cases, he might also abduct the patient from continuing with the particular sport. Proper medicine and physiotherapy can also be prescribed for betterment.

Thus we see that few diseases are there which doesn’t give any premonition before coming and can affect anyone at any time. So it’s advisable for everyone to have proper knowledge about them and treat it without delay for best results. Dr Vineeth MB, sports medicine doctor in Ernakulam provides Osteochondritis Treatment in Kochi, Kerala. Bone WeaknessTreatment and bone swelling treatment in India



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