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Stress fractures

What are stress fractures?

Stress fractures are tiny and small cracks in the bone. They are generally caused due to overuse or repetitive force, like running long distances and jumping up and down repeatedly. Stress fractures can also develop from the weakened condition of a bone resulting from medical conditions like osteoporosis. This kind of Fractures is most common in the weight-bearing bones of the foot and the lower leg. The field athletes and the track athletes along with the military recruits, who need to carry heavy loads for long distances are more susceptible to stress fractures, but it can happen to anyone. It is most common in people who start new exercise programmes and gives extra stress on it.

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Symptoms of stress fractures:

At first one can barely notice the pain from developing from stress fractures, but the pain worsens with time. As the time goes by, the area of stress fracture swells up and thereby, also increasing the pain.

Causes of stress fractures:

The most common reason behind developing stress fractures is the increasing intensity or amount of an activity. The bones go through the process of remodelling when an increased load is applied to them.  But during remodelling, if the load suddenly increases, the bone tissue gets destroyed. However, stress fractures can also develop due to the impact of the unfamiliar surface, improper equipment and also due to increase in physical stress. According to various studies, the athletes who participate in track, field, tennis, basketball and gymnastics are the most susceptible to Stress Injuries and fractures. The continuous stress of the striking foot on the ground causes trauma. Insufficient rest between competitions or workouts can lead to stress fractures in athletes. Also, women are more prone to stress fractures than men, as the bone density of women decreases with their age.

Prevention of stress fractures:

  • Maintaining a healthy diet is important. Incorporating calcium and Vitamin D rich foods in the diet helps to make the bones stronger.
  • Proper footwear is important. Wearing improper shoes can lead to stress fractures.
  • While running, do not try to exceed the limit in one day only. Gradually increase the limit, to which the bones get accustomed easily.
  • Cross training can help to prevent injuries including stress fractures.

Treatment of stress fractures with PRP:

The most important treatment for stress fractures is rest. The patients need to take rest from the work or activity which resulted in the fracture. If the patient continues to do the activity which caused the injury, then it might result in larger and more serious fractures. It might also lead to never healing fractures as well. In many shoes, braces are also provided to the patients. But, the most effective way of treating stress fractures besides rest and other treatments, is Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP Therapy. PRP includes of the blood from the patient’s body only and is injected into the affected area after treating it with many other growth factors. PRP therapy allows speedy Recovery with the best results. Dr Vineeth MB, Ortho Surgeon in Kochi provides Stress Fracture PRP Treatment in Ernakulam. Know more about stress fracture in knee, hip, shin, foot and Bone Pain Treatment in Kerala, India by Enquiring with Us



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