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Joint pains

Joint Pain and Osteoarthritis PRP Treatment

The places in your body where two bones come together are called joints. Every bone at the end is covered with cartilage which is tough and rubber-like materials that work as a shock absorber and reduces friction between the two bones. Over time, the cartilage begins to decay and hence its ability to perform as a shock absorber and reduce friction between bones, begins to decrease. This joint condition is thus also called wear and tear arthritis. As the cartilages wear down, the joints begin to rub against each other, the Ligaments and Tendons begin to stretch which causes severe pain.

prp joint pain treatment ernakulam, kerala

Osteoarthritis mostly affects old people. With the increase in age, the risk of getting osteoarthritis too increases. The age group of 60 and above is mostly affected but also people in their thirties and forties have begun to experience this disease. Osteoarthritis may occur in any joint of the body. The areas that are commonly affected are-

  • Knees
  • Elbows
  • Hands
  • Fingertips
  • Spine -  typically the hip or the neck

What are the symptoms of joint pain osteoarthritis?

The disease begins to show its symptoms slowly and over time aggravates. The major symptoms include-

  • Since the shock absorbing quality of the cartilage has reduced, the friction that is caused by the two bones when movement occurs, the joint starts to pain.
  • Your joints may seem to feel inflexible especially when you wake up in the morning or movement after prolonged inactivity.
  • The stiffness in the joint prevents you from moving your joints to its full range. It sort of becomes immovable in its full capacity.
  • Often due to this stiffness, you may experience a crackling or a popping sound when you use your joints.
  • On touching a joint or applying little pressure on it, you may feel that your joint is tender and is sensitive to pain.
  • The bones due to friction may begin to shred and you may even be able to feel them in the form of lumps around your joints.

How can Osteoarthritis be treated using the Orthogen PRP method?

There are quite a few ways of treating osteoarthritis and the few common being uses of injections, anti-inflammatories, physiotherapy or a surgery. But recently, the Orthogen PRP method or Protein-Rich Plasma method is used to treat osteoarthritis pain. There are elements in the plasma of your blood to induce growth of tissues. When growth promoting factors like plasma are introduced in the affected area, it helps to grow new tissues which reduce the inflammation in the tissue and in turn reduces the pain.

In the procedure, blood from your body is drawn using a syringe and then coagulated to separate the plasma from the other components. By numbing the affected area, the PRP is introduced there. The entire process typically takes about an hour.

This method of treatment, till now have shown quite good results. It has reduced pain after a follow up of 3 to 6 and 12 months and has ended up showing better health results. Also, it reduces any kind of risk as the blood used for the treatment is drawn from your body. Dr Vineeth MB, Ortho Consultant in Kochi provides Joint Pain Treatment in Ernakulam. Non Surgical Osteoarthritis PRP Treatment in Kerala, India




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