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Tear (include ACL, PCL , Meniscal , SLAP)

ACL, PCL Ligament Tear PRP Therapy and Sports Injury Treatment

An essential weight-bearing joint of people’s body is the knee joint. Thus, it is very much crucial for this particular joint to be stable. Now, the knee joint’s stability depends on ligaments which connect the bones for creating the knee joint. Injury to knee joint affects the proper movement of an individual to a great extent. People suffer from various sorts of tears including ACL, PCL, SLAP, etc. Here you will get a brief idea about the treatment of such sports injuries with the help of PRP (platelet-rich plasma).

acl ligament tear treatment kochi, ernkaulam, kerala

Causes and symptoms of tears

One of the most important ligaments which provides near about 90% stability to your knee joint is the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). ACL injury is one of sports injury caused due to tearing or over-stretching of ACL. Such tear can be either complete or partial. Among all other knee injuries, ACL tears are found to be the most common. People who are actively related to sports (basketball players, gymnasts, football players, etc.) are more prone to ACL injury. Women have a higher tendency of tearing their ACL compared to that of men. The risk of your ACL getting torn increases if you land on your feet with your knees straight after jumping.

A popping sound during the injury indicates that your ACL is torn. Other than the sound, you might experience other symptoms like instability, knee pain, knee swelling, difficulty in walking, etc. As soon as you suspect ACL tear and if the instability persists, then the best option is to seek the assistance of a renowned physician.

Another crucial ligament, PCL or posterior cruciate ligament crosses within the knee joint along with the ACL and it connects the leg to the thighbone. PCL tears are not so much common like the aforementioned ACL tears. PCL tear might cause due to sudden falls, twisting movements, direct contact of the knee during contact sports like soccer, etc. Such tear might also cause due to car crashes.

Few symptoms of PCL tear include limping, knee instability, Knee Pain which ranges from mild to moderate, tenderness, pain while running, walking up/down the stairs, kneeling, etc.

Like other knee injuries, the meniscus tear is equally debilitating and painful. This tear is one of the frequently occurring cartilage injuries of the knee. Meniscus is actually a part of your knee’s cartilage which stabilizes and cushions the joint. It even protects bones from wear and tear. Meniscus tears are common in noncontact sports which require cutting and jumping and also contact sports like football. Older athletes have the risk of this specific tear as the meniscus tends to weaken with age.

sports injury treatment kochi, ernkaulam, kerala

Symptoms of a meniscal tear include swelling, knee pain, difficulty in straightening and bending the leg, popping sensation during injury, etc.

Another tear commonly known SLAP tear (superior labrum anterior and posterior) or labral tear also affects the sports personalities a lot. The intense shoulder pain caused due to this tear diminishes the sports performance as well as affects the shoulder movements. Other symptoms include shoulder weakness, difficulty in identifying shoulder ache, decreased range of motion, etc. The symptoms intensify if the injured person continues certain activities like lifting objects over the head or throwing.

PRP for tears

Though various other treatment procedures are available for non-surgical repair yet PRP Therapy is treated as an outstanding therapy for treating soft tissue injuries. It is done by taking a small amount of the patient’s blood and placing inside a centrifuge. The components are separated inside the centrifuge. The platelets are extracted as they are known to contain growth factors and thus assist in increasing the pace of the Healing Process. After the extraction of platelets, those particular components are injected into the patient’s injured body part. In certain cases, PRP might also be able to decrease the patient’s recovery time. This sports injury treatment method works the best in enclosed spaces.

But, before getting determined to opt for this treatment, you must consult with your physician for getting a crystal-clear idea about the PRP treatment for treating tears. Dr Vineeth MB, sports medicine doctor in Ernakulam provides ACL Ligament Tear PRP Therapy in Kochi, Kerala. Sports Injury Treatment for pcl tear, meniscus tear in India



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