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PRP-Healing process

What is PRP or Stem Cell Therapy?

PRP or Stem Cell Therapy is the most well known therapy known today for the major orthopaedic conditions and injuries. The entire process of PRP Therapy takes about 30 minutes. This process includes collecting of blood from the patient’s body and is placed into a canister and is then centrifuged. The centrifugation process separates the blood into numerous layers. The area of the blood which consists of the platelets and the stem cells are collected and then injected to the affected area of the body. PRP is a useful treatment as the recovery time is really short as compared to other treatments and therapies. Moreover, the recovery is speedy as the body receives its own growth and stem cells in a more powerful way, which helps in the healing process as well. Nothing else is mixed with the blood of the patient, and so there is no risk of allergy as well. It is a natural procedure of using stem cells and platelets rich plasma which are the healing factors of the body itself.

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For which injuries does PRP therapy work?

PRP therapy is widely used to treat Osteoarthritis of hip, knee and shoulder. The primary use of this therapy is mainly for the sports injuries and injuries resulting from overuse of a muscle or a joint like:

PRP therapy is also used now during certain surgeries which help in the healing of the tissues. For example, athlete with complete torn heel cord might require to opt for a surgery to repair the tendon. The healing of the torn tendon can be improved by treating the area of injury with PRP at the time of surgery. Sometimes, a mixture of local anaesthetic and PRP is injected directly into the inflamed tissue which helps to speed up the Recovery Process.

 stem cell therapy in kochi, ernakulam, kerala, india

Healing process of Orthogen PRP or Stem Cell Therapy:

After the therapy is completed the patient might experience about two to three days of being sore. In order to manage the pain Tylenol works very effectively. In most of the cases, no prescription pain killer is needed. It is advised to the patients to rest for few days after the therapy, but it is not necessary. The pain relief starts within three to four weeks after the therapy and the symptoms of the injury starts to improve over a time period of four to six months following a PRP therapy. However, the recovery time after the therapy depends greatly on the type and extent of the injury. The discomfort or pain generating from osteoarthritis responds faster with PRP therapy than the pain related with tendon like golfers elbow, tennis elbow or tendonitis. PRP therapy has also been useful for treating achilles tendon pain as well. The arthritic joint pains recover much faster than the other types of injuries. People today opt for PRP therapy as the healing and recovery time of this therapy is really fast as compared to surgeries and other medications. Dr Vineeth MB, Ortho Surgeon in Kochi provides PRP Healing Process in Ernakulam. Know more about Stem Cell Therapy and Ankle sprains treatment in Kerala, India by enquiring with us




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