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What is Orthogen PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP Treatment

PRP or platelet-rich plasma is a substance which helps in healing when injected. Plasma is that component of the blood which helps to form the clot when there is a cut. Plasma also consists of proteins which help in the growth of cells. PRP has been produced by the researchers by separating plasma from blood and then concentrating it. The concept behind PRP is that, injecting PRP into the tissues which are damaged and helping the body to grow new healthy cells and also to promote the healing of the damaged cells.

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What are the purposes of injecting PRP?

PRP has been proven for the following applications:

  • Tendon Injury: Tendons are the thick and tough bands of tissue which connects the muscles with the bones. Tendons heal very slowly after an injury. Doctors have used PRP injections to treat tendon injuries like jumper’s knee, tennis elbow Achilles Tendonitis or even patellar tendon.
  • Loss of hair: PRP injections help to treat androgenic alopecia which can also be called as male pattern baldness. Doctors now use PRP injections into the scalp which help to promote the growth of hair and also prevent hair loss.
  • Acute injuries: PRP injections are very useful in treating acute sports injuries like knee sprains.
  • Osteoarthritis: Doctors use PRP injections to cure osteoarthritis on a huge scale. In fact, PRP injections are more effective than hyaluronic acid injections in treating osteoarthritis.

prp treatment kochi, thrissur, kerala, india

Recovery time for PRP injections:

When PRP is injected, doctors always advise to rest the affected area.  However, the advises depend on the type of injury and it has nothing to do with PRP injections. Many people even continue with their daily routine activities after the PRP Injections. PRP injections help in the growth of cells and healing, so the immediate difference after receiving the injection can take some time to appear.

How to prepare for the PRP injections?

There are few steps to prepare for PRP injections. It can be injected in different ways. In most of the cases, lidocaine solution is applied before the injection. For this, the patient needs to arrive earlier before the treatment session starts.

Can PRP help people to avoid surgery?

Be it any kind of treatment, the results and the sustained outcome depends on the extent and the type of injury. In case of mild arthritis, PRP treatment can prevent further degeneration. However, when the arthritis is advanced, the motive of PRP treatment is to minimize the pain and also to improve the functioning. PRP Healing can prevent surgery in the case of spinal fusion and joint replacements as well. Dr Vineeth MB, Sports Medicine Specialist in Ernakulam provides PRP Treatment in Kochi, Kerala. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in Thrissur, India which helps in orthopedic and pain healing



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