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PRP Therapy recovery

Basic knowledge about PRP and Tendon pain

Often the athletes need to endure the pain of the Tendon Injuries as proper therapy cannot be found. But, now they can be relieved from the pain of chronic tendon injuries with the help of a non-surgical and safe procedure known as PRP Therapy of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. This therapy utilizes the platelets from the blood of the athletes and the patients and helps to rebuild the damaged tendon. This therapy is not only helpful for relieving the pain but also helps to jump start the process of Healing.

Tendons are the rope like structures in the body which helps to connect the bones to the muscles, which allows the bones to move. Whenever a tendon is injured, it can become swollen, inflamed or painful. This injury of tendon is mostly experienced by the athletes who play baseball, tennis, basketball and also by those who are engaged in doing heavy and strenuous jobs. Most of the chronic tendon injuries lack inflammation as the tissue in that area starts to break. And this is the reason why the traditional domestic treatments like ice pack, rest and anti-inflammatory medicines do not provide long lasting results and relief. So, in such cases the only thing left to do is to undergo a surgery. But now PRP therapy has replaced surgery also with faster recovery time.

faster prp therapy recovery tendon pain treatment kochi, ernakulam, kerala, india

Solution for tendon pain and injuries:

The best available solution for tendon pain and injuries is now PRP therapy. This therapy is a very simple one and takes less than an hour to complete. The process involves collecting the blood from the patient and placing it in centrifuge which separates the platelets from the other components of the blood. The platelet rich plasma is then injected into the affected area which is guided by an ultrasound machine. Plasma is that component of the blood which helps in the clotting of blood and also consists of several growth factors. By injecting the PRP into the injured area, the PRP induces the natural healing process of the body to start.

PRP therapy recovery:

The recovery period of PRP therapy is very fast. The patients are put on a therapy program which includes two to six PRP Injections in the whole period of therapy. The number of injection depends on the type and the extent of the injury as well. After the completion of the therapy, the patients are re-evaluated for improvement after 6-12 weeks. Patients with critical injuries might need more than one therapy program to properly cure the injury. But PRP as compared to other surgeries and medications works much faster and the results can be notices after the first or second injection only. PRP is now used at the time of surgeries as well, which helps to heal the injury faster. It has been found from the surveys and researches that patients who went for the PRP therapy to treat their injured tendons, returned to their normal daily routine activities within 3 months only, which indicates that the PRP recovery time is really short. Dr Vineeth MB, Ortho Surgeon in Ernakulam provides PRP Therapy with faster Recovery Time in Kochi. Know more about Tendon Pain Treatment in Kerala, India by enquiring with us



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