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Knee pain

Knee Pain and Osteoarthritis Treatment with PRP Therapy

Twenty-first century has come along with its own health problems in a much worse and heightened magnitude like never before. These health hazards though present before have flared up during recent times to such an extent that every next person is getting affected by them at an alarming rate. One of its best examples is osteoarthritis in knees. This problem has literally spread like an epidemic with people of almost every age group getting affected. What actually happens in osteoarthritis is the fact that the fluid that is generally present in between our bones in the knee joint which actually helps us to move your legs properly gets reduced with time and as a result, the bones start to effects each other in a motion of friction.

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What are the symptoms of knee pain due to osteoarthritis?

  • Osteoarthritis causes intense Pain in Joint areas of our body especially in our knee regions which can be a basic symptom for people to get further diagnosed. The pain might decrease to a certain extent when the person does not involve in intense physical activities simultaneously can increase if that person has to indulge in hard manual labour.
  • The pain can occur due to the heavy body weight of a person also known as obesity and the pain can also occur due to some changes in weather as certain elements in the weather like intense humidity effects the problem adversely.
  • Stiffness in the knee is a major symptom which is felt along with a warm uncomfortable sensation in the knees. As a result, trying to get up after sitting somewhere for a long time becomes extremely painful. This can occur even if the person had been lying down for some. Sudden and quick movements become quite painful.

Causes of knee pain due to osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis can be caused due to various different as well as non-related factors like-minded

Age is a primary element in this case. It is a general problem with old people to suffer from this problem as with age the fluid inside your joint gets dried up.

Sports and athletic is another reason where if the player gets injured in joints especially in the knees that that can very well lead to osteoarthritis in further time.

Obesity can also be a factor where heavy body weight puts a lot of pressure on one’s leg leading one's bones in a bad condition from a very early age in life.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy for knee pain

Orthogen PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a newly found yet extremely effective treatment for osteoarthritis in the knees that have come up in the recent years. Doctors have found some really good results in patients after treating them through this method. The PRP is injected in a person, it’s dose is certified according to need. This has been seen to greatly reduced the knee pain and stiffness and bring back ease of movement. This is prescribed with other medicines or physiotherapy sometimes for better use. The plasma generally triggers the Natural Healing tendencies of your blood which helps the process further.



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