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Chronic tendon injuries

What is chronic tendon injury?

Chronic tendon injury, also known as tendinosis or chronic tendinopathy, is a condition when the tendon is damaged. It is caused due to the micro tears in the tissues in and around the tendons, which leads to the damage of the tendon. It can also lead to decrease in tensile strength and therefore increases the chances of rupture of the tendon. The injuries occur in almost all parts of the body but the most affected areas are:

  • Knee
  • Hip
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Thumb
  • Wrist
  • Achilles tendon

Sports injuries like swimmer’s shoulders, Tennis Elbow and also jumper’s knee are the forms of tendinosis or chronic tendon injuries. The weakened tendons not only causes pain while working but also increases the risk of further injuries like the sprain.

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Symptoms of chronic tendon injuries:

The first sign of developing a tendon injury is a dull and aching pain, which worsens the movement of the joint or the affected area. Swelling may also occur. People who suffer from tendinosis in the shoulder, notice snapping sound at the time of movement and may also experience loss of sensitivity or motion at the affected area.

Causes of chronic tendon injuries:

Severe and sudden trauma can lead to the damaging of the tendons. In most of the cases, the tendons are injured due to repetitive injury. A minor and mild stress can injure and tear the tendon if it is repeated constantly. The most common causes include:

  • People with hobbies like raking, painting, shovelling and gardening are most likely to be affected by chronic tendon injuries.
  • People who do work tasks like typing, using or heavy power tools, clicking mouse and clenching steering wheel are most prone to tendinosis.
  • Playing sports like tennis, bowling, baseball, running, swimming and basketball.

Poor form and posture including techniques during any activity which includes repeated movements can lead to the increase in stress on the tendons and finally results to the tear. Chronic tendon injuries can also occur from infection or reaction to certain medication. The risk of tendon injury increases with age and is most common after the age of 40. Medical conditions like gout, arthritis and also thyroid disorders increase the risk of developing chronic tendon injuries.

Prevention of chronic tendon injuries:

  • Stretching properly before and after exercise.
  • Taking rest in between continuous motion work.
  • Proper training which can improve the techniques and posture.
  • Proper working space at the place of work.

Treatment of chronic tendon injuries with Orthogen PRP:

It might happen that an injured and damaged tendon fails to heal with physical therapy and after long rest. In this case, orthogen PRP Therapy is the most effective therapy which improves and heals tendon injuries. The natural healing properties found in the Platelet Rich Plasma facilitate faster repair and healing of the damaged tendons. PRP therapy helps to improve the joint function, reduce the pain and repair the damage to the tendon. Dr Vineeth MB, Orthopedic Doctor in Ernakulam provides Chronic Tendon Injury PRP Treatment in Kochi. Tendinosis Therapy, achilles tendon pain treatment in Kerala, India



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